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I'm a fourth-generation Floridian who was always had an interest in photography and stargazing. I started out with film cameras and working in black and white, and then color, in my home darkroom. When the digital age hit I upgraded through a series of digital cameras with each camera I purchased producing better and better image quality and I'm getting ready to upgrade my camera body yet again. 

I spend a lot of time in composition and in breaking composition rules, however, I do not spend time pumping image gain, color, contrast, sharpness etc to unrealistic levels that I see in so many photographers' posts online. I really abhor the overprocessed images period. Things like unrealistic skies and colors, star effects.. overuse of sharpening and contrast, overuse of image editing pre-sets and on and on. My photos are all minimally processed.

I have been involved in Astronomy and Nature Education since 1979, offering community, individual and Home School stargazing programs for students third grade to adult. I’ve also offered Astronomy classes as an adjunct instructor at the Community College level, in Fort Myers and in Punta Gorda Florida. Early on I worked for Spitz Space Systems as a "Ground Person" during the construction of the (then) Nature Center and Planetarium, and was their first Planetarium Astronomer, back in the 1980s.

Over the years I have been featured in many Newspaper and Magazine articles including Gulfshore Life Magazine, The News-Press and many other publications since the 1980s. I am featured in the following books: "The Florida Night Sky" by Elinor DeWire. "A Kid's Guide To Naples, Marco Island & The Everglades" by Karen T. Bartlett, and the book "Circle The Center Labyrinths in Florida" by Lucy Tobias.

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Certification and Ongoing Education;

* I'm a past member of The American Astronomical Society

University of Florida IFAS Certified Florida Master Naturalist program.

* Cornell University online live class: "Introduction to Environmental Education" 

* Cornell University online live class "Nature Education Professional Development Course."